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Age With Grace – Here Is What To Expect As You Hit Your Senior Years

Know About Your Aging Skin

The good news is that your skin will become drier than usual, which means you’re less likely to suffer from surprise pimple breakouts. Some women may experience skin issues related with menopause. However these skin issues are can be easily treated with hormone replacement therapy.

The bad news: skin becomes more fragile and paper-like. You may also start noticing an increasing number of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles that are more defined if you smoked or sunbathed a lot.

Know About Your Depleting Metabolism

Many people don’t know but our metabolism slows down up to 5% per decade as we age. This doesn’t mean seniors have to gain weight once reaching 50 plus! Experts recommend staying active and exercising to cut necessary calories every day. Or following a strict yet nutritious diet can also help.

The bad news: your body secretes less hydrochloric acid, which in turn decreases availability of vitamin B12. Consult your doctor regarding this issue. This essential nutrient (vitamin B12) helps keep our body’s nerve and blood cells healthy. In addition, vitamin B12 also prevents megaloblastic, a type of anemia that causes weakness and tiredness in people.

What You Can Do for Your Senior’s Healthy Aging

There is a lot you can do for your aging parent. Enlist the help of a professional caregiver companion if your parent has become a handful in this age.

Include Physical Activity in Daily Routine

Staying in one place for too long (without walking or moving) isn’t good for your elderly father. Introduce walking, swimming, or other enjoyable activities. You can also join in the fun! Regular moderate exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and lower blood pressure.

Introduce a Healthy Diet

Remember your parent’s metabolism has considerably slowed down since reaching 60. Choose food items that help with metabolism and digestion process. High-fiber foods and whole grains are ideal food items. So are lean sources of protein such as fish. Avoid or limit food high in sodium and saturated fat. Introduce heart friendly foods in his diet.

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