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Healthy Ageing In Seniors – 5 Ways To Promote It

Chronic illnesses in old age not only affect the quality of life of seniors, they also lead to early deaths. This is the reason that promoting a healthy lifestyle is so important.

We at iCarePros outline some ways through which you can ensure that both mental and physical wellbeing of your loved one stays intact as they age. Read on:

Encourage Them to Have a Healthy and Nutritional Diet Plan

From dental issues to digestive disorders, there are quite a few problems related to eating that frequently occur at life’s backend. Make sure that your loved one is rigorously following a diet plan created by an expert nutritionist.

A good diet approach would be dividing the meal into 6 small portions per day. Not only will this be good for the appetite of the elderly, it will also ensure that they eat frequently.

Encourage Them to Engage in Mental Activities

Our brains are like muscles. The more we use them, the better they become. From crossword puzzles to learning a new language, make sure that your ageing loved one is making cognitive efforts.

This not only keeps their brains active, it also keeps them away from diseases, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Encourage Them to Have Enough Sleep

Sleep disturbances are quite common in old age. Sleeping less than 7 hours a day can lead to severe health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

Make sure that your loved one is getting enough sleep. If there are any issues, do not delay consulting a doctor.

Encourage Them to Socialize

Loneliness, in general, can lead to anxiety, depression and other health issues.

It is the social environment (friends and family members) that connects people and makes them thrive.

Encourage your elderly loved one to join old age clubs and senior centers. This will help them socialize and make friends, which will be great for their overall wellbeing.

Encourage Them to Meditate

Mindful meditation has found to be effective in reducing stress and promoting wellbeing in people. Its physical and psychological advantages have been clearly established in many scientific studies. Ask your senior to take some time out and meditate.     

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