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The Inherent Benefits Of Socialization – For Caregivers and Care Receivers

There are many reasons why seniors isolate themselves and become less socially active than before. Health conditions, mobility limitations, and lack of energy are the most common. Isolation from other people and activities doesn’t happen in one night.

This is a slow but gradual process. In fact, many family caregivers don’t even realize their lone father or mother have shut themselves from the people and activities they loved. You must take care of this issue because:

Socialization Improves Mental Health

Symptoms of depression and memory problems can affect people as they reach old age. In fact, about seven million people (aged 65 and over) experience depression and its connected symptoms. Dementia also touches one in seven Americans over the age of 71 according to the same research. Consistent human interaction and socialization can help reduce symptoms of depression and memory problems.

Socialization Improves Senior Nutrition

Getting the right nutrition is important for everyone, especially seniors. However maintaining healthy habits can become difficult to when living alone! According to a 2011 study ‘Effect of Loneliness on Malnutrition in Elderly Population’ more than 50% of elderly patients suffer from malnutrition due to isolation. This information is concerning for caregivers. Increased socialization promotes better senior nutrition.

Increased socialization is good for seniors but it’s even better for their family caregivers. Individuals caring for their aging parents should think about giving this important job to a professional caregiver. This will ensure children get to spend time with their parents in more amiable, less stress-laden circumstances. Socialization helps caregivers by:

  • Reducing stress
  • Boosting immune system
  • Promoting better sleep patterns
  • Enhancing quality of life

There are many ways to increase socialization for your seniors. Adopting a pet especially a dog is one idea that leads to socialization. Giving your senior responsibilities such as checking on a more isolated senior, walking and feeding the dog, etc is a win-win situation.

Seniors can also sign up for free activities and fun exercises in their local community center or church. Learn how you can prevent senior isolation by employing expert at-home care services from iCarePros.

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