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Live-In vs. 24 Hour Care – Is There Any Special Difference?

Live-in and 24-hour care are two of the most popular types of home care services. To help you better understand which option to choose, we at iCarePros provide a brief description of the two services and outline major pros.

Live-In Care

In live-in care, one care provider is hired for a period of 24 hours every day. He/she can be booked for a maximum of 4 to 5 days in a week, depending on where the client is located. Generally, a 4-hour break and 8-hour sleeping break is offered to the caregiver each day. Also, sleeping accommodation will have to be provided by you. Live-in care is charged at flat rates.

Major Pro

The Number of Caregivers is significantly less

The schedule of the live-in is such that the number of caregivers is reduced to two for the whole week. This helps give the elderly some sort of consistency.

Also, in live-in care, one caregiver will stay for the entire day. This means that he/she will engage in the daily activities, such as being at meal time and at bed time, which is great for bonding and connection.

24-Hour Care

In 24-hour care, two caregivers are hired for 12 hours each. Since each worker works for 12 hours, there are no sleeping breaks.

However, the overnight caregiver can be allowed to sleep, depending on the needs of the client. Generally, 24-hour care is charged at hourly rates. However, if the visit is overnight and the caregiver will be allowed to sleep, a flat rate may be charged.


The changing shifts ensure that a caregiver is present with your elderly at all times of the day. This allows each caregiver to be alert at all times.

We understand that it can be challenging to provide care for your elderly, when you have your own personal commitments. With immense experience and a team of reliable home health caregivers, we at iCarePro offer both 24-hour and live-in care services. Over the years, our home care agency has achieved remarkable results.

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